A Non-Feed Botanical Formulation
for Udder Health

Phyto-Mast®: a non-feed botanical formulation for udder health, namely, plant extracts for veterinary purposes: a non-feed formulation for bovine udder health, namely non-feed supplements for livestock, in Class 5 (US CLS 6, 18, 44, 46, 51 and 52). - - US Patent & Trademark Office; Registration number 3,996,752; International Class 5; registered July 19, 2011

Phyto-Mast to enhance udder health

About Us

BOVINITY HEALTH, LLC Is a small medical company manufacturing Botanical Formulations for The Non-antibiotic Treatment of Infectious Disease. Plant derived medicines are from Certified Organic or ethically wild-crafted sources. Long term, sustainable, and ecological vision guide us in all decisions involving the company. Botanical medicines help the immune system to organically resolve challenges. We provide extremely pure botanically derived medicines. We endeavor to educate medical practitioners and consumers about the benefits of functional alternatives to antibiotics and hormones. We enjoy working relationships with university researchers, medical opinion leaders, and policy leaders that further the science and societal use of natural medicine.

About Phyto-Mast

Bovinity Health, LLC. Products

  • Phyto-Mast

    - A non-feed botanical formulation for udder health
  • Phyto-Biotic

    - An oral treatment as a balanced blend tincture of botanicals that have well known, strong antibacterial and healing properties
  • Get Well

    - An alternative to PhytoBiotic for those who prefer tablets (same ingredients)
  • Ferro

    - A rich source of liquid iron and minerals in the sulfate form which enriches young animals that have had challenges associated with internal parasites
  • Phyto-Gest

    - An oral blend of botanicals known to veterinarians for decades to stimulate appetite and digestive processes in off-feed cows and horses.
  • Heat Seek

    - Oral tablets of a botanical blend to help animals show signs of estrus for breeding
  • Homeochords

    - Multi-potency homeopathic remedies (in pellets or sprays)
  • Homeopathic Remedies

    – Remedies in individual potency (in pellets or sprays)
All product labels contain the following information: Contact information for Dr. Karreman; product name; ingredients; suggested method of use; suggested frequency of use; estimated withholding times; personal signature of Dr. Karreman and date signed.

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